Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Singaporeans Who Need A Spanking - #04

Thanks to one of my readers for highlighting this to me. It turns out that Zoe Tay has been featured on the cover of Jul 2009's Her World.

And from the interview with her, it seems that she did have quite a naughty streak which does continue to this day, albeit in a fairly milder way compared to her younger days. But nevertheless still quite the naughty girl.

Now to prove my point, here are some excerpts from the interview:

Firstly, the interview is titled "She's not that innocent"

Then there is the portion under "Errant Childhood" which described how she carefully stole money from her father's drawer, bit by bit, and over time accumulated a neat stack of cash. Well she did get caught for that, due to her own carelessness, which resulted in her being caned in front of her family. In addition there was the typical childish pranks then of verballing teasing a spinster until she gave chase, resulting in the spinster falling into a ditch. Now, she should have gotten spanked for that one too.

So fast forward many years, the Zoe Tay today still proves to have a naughty side. From the interview in Her World she admits "to hiding expensive buys from her husband, Philip, in her walk-in wardrobe, taking care to dispose of receipts and packaging, or even using cash so as not to leave a paper trail of bills." In addition, during the occasional times that her husband notices the new items, she blatantly says that the items were bought long ago.

Now maybe her husband should go ahead and read THIS. He may get some ideas.

So does she deserve a spanking? Well I say she does.............but does she? I guess some things are not meant for us to find out ya?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Singaporeans Who Need A Spanking - #03

Who Needs A Spanking: Lynette Ng Pei Ling

Reason for needing a spanking: This 29 year old ex-bank relationship manager lied to a client about the dividend payments so that he would put his money in unit trusts. Not only did she give the poor client a false guarantee that his investment of $150,000 would appreciate and earn 10% dividend a year, she even forged a letter by the bank to confirm these benefits!

Now how ridiculous is that?

While some of you may reckon that some of the fault does lie with the client for being so easily duped, some of you may even say that he was being greedy, but still it did not warrant a bloody cheating from a bank staff. As a matter of fact, I do think that the client did already try to be rationale about the situation and even asked for a letter of assurance from the bank, which Lynette forged of cause. And honestly, with such an assurance from the bank, anyone would have fallen for such a thing.

Thankfully this is Singapore and she has only been jailed for three months, for it was in some spanko island she would have gotten much worse.

So dear readers, based on the above, "A Spanking is in order!!".

For the news article regarding the case, read the 18 Jun 09 edition of Straits Times.