Thursday, November 20, 2008

Singaporeans Who Need A Spanking - #02

Yes Dear Readers, now for the next installment of Singaporeans who need a a spanking.

Most recently, a certain Singaporean nurse working in a government hospital confessed on a forum that she had used various places in the hospital for her "sexual exploitations". This apparently caused a flurry of comments and some outrage which culminated in a concern person posting it to stomp. Amazing isn't it? The power of the internet! Ah but I digress.

Probably watched one too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy I guess. But well using the hospital grounds for sexual exploitations and "eating snake" in the toilets, instead of taking good care of the suffering patients. Needs her bottom spanked I say.

From her friendster, it appears that her name is Jenny Lee, but I can't confirm it.

Anyway here are a few photos found on the internet.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Singaporeans Who Need A Spanking - #01

First off in this series is: Gwen Teng (Was thinking of leaving the real name out, but hey that would be an insult to you dear readers who would already have known.)

Reasons for needing a spanking: This thirty-ish school teacher made headlines recently for her skimpy bikini pictures. Now bear in mind I have nothing against pretty girls in a bikini, in fact I'd generally encourage it! But when you are a teacher to many young minds, it is best that you'd keep a check of your image. Enough with all the "I am a teacher but I am human too!" argument already. The sad reality of life is plainly that in some jobs, there are sacrifices. Image in a lot of jobs plays an important part. Why do you think so many lawmakers have had to step down for various scandals, aren't they humans too?

Now I shall not post all her photos in this post. If you want to check out the rest go HERE.